Fair Gift Live

I like music videos. I used to make them as a kid in my parent’s basement with a friend from down the street. I made a really cool music video in college for another friend’s band as a class assignment. It turned out pretty good. However, its hard to find bands who are willing to invest time and money and its a lot of work to even make one.

I was introduced to a style of music video that started in Europe. I don’t know if their is a name for it but the series is called Take Away Shows. Its essentially a live recorded video, shot in a unique location and all in one take (for the most part). I was asked to shoot a video like these for a musician friend (the one who introduced me to it). Well, that one didn’t work out, but I was so intrigued by this simple, raw, pure, and documentary-like style of music video that I decided I had to make them anyway. I call my series Fair Gift Live, after the Martin Luther quote “Music is a fair and glorious gift of God”. Here they are (starting with the most recent):

Melissa Oakvik – Oh Paradise

The Rough & Tumble – Not Polite 

Eternalize – Starving For An Artist

Jesse Baxter – Glitter and a Bow

Georgia Leigh – Faith / Sun and Moon

Outspoken/Aaron Tafoya – Introvert / Ill Dialect

Georgia Leigh – I Was Never Innocent

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