I love films, creative expression and I love people.

I founded Bloodgutslove Productions in 2007 in attempt to start my film career. The name is a metaphor of sorts, highlighting what it takes to make a film come to fruition. Its a mouthful, but it speaks to the heart of why I do it.

If I can find a story, I do my best to pursue it, whether its fictional or non-fictional. I want to make features, and will one day, but on the way there I am making short films and short documentaries. While some are in currently in production, these are some films I am proud to say I have made thus far.

“me & Cindy” is a short, personal documentary I directed and edited about my birth and my birth mom’s subsequent death. Shown at 2012 Twin Cities Film Fest with 10 other great MN made short films.

“Don’t Answer The Phone” is a comedy/horror about a naive housewife who makes a deadly choice. Camera by Keith Moechnig. Lighting and sound by Kyle Teichroew.

“Beside Himself” was a short film I wrote and directed a little while back. Here is the trailer. It was mostly just for fun, but I am quite proud of it.

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