Getting down to business…on a personal note.

Almost 10 years ago, I decided I wanted to pursue a music major degree at a Christian college just west of the Minneapolis area. Well, after a year of struggle and a summer of experimentation (open-mic nights) and reconsideration, I realized that that wasn’t what I should be doing. Almost 10 years before that, I received a guitar for Christmas. It was either that or a table saw I was getting (I also wanted to be a carpenter, at that time), and my mom wasn’t about to get me a table saw apparently. That one gift of a guitar changed the entire course of my “plans” for my life. I had never considered myself to be creative before that point.

In fact, I remember being a fairly introverted kid who would always complain about being bored. I would complain to my dad about it a lot and he would always reply by saying “go use your imagination!”, to which I would reply “I don’t have an imagination!” At least not yet….

I am telling you all this in my first blog post on my website dedicated to sharing my video business and film/storytelling pursuits because its kind of mind-blowing to me that I have this website at all. Not just because it took me far too long to finally put it together (thanks to the help of my cousins Julia and Paul it happened!), but because I am always excited to meet new people and help them find ways to promote their business, ventures and experiences via video AND because creativity is the the heart of everything I do. Let’s just say I have come a long way.

Over the last year and a half or so I have shot/directed/edited about 50 1-minute promo videos for small and mid-sized businesses in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. Salons/spas, auto repair shops/maintenance, chiropractors, restaurants, coffee shops, an E-cigarette shop, locksmiths, eyewear shops, transportation companies and several other types of small businesses. Almost all locally owned. All for their individual pages. Its been an incredible experience of working with business owners (of all kinds) and finding ways to promote them in one minute. I am thankful for, but I am also ready to move on from and go about promoting small and mid-sized businesses in a way that, I believe, will be more beneficial to them and myself.

The goal is to start going into small business and offering my video services for the business or website, in person. I love the idea of this, its just the follow through that mildly terrifies me. Just the thought of going into a small business and telling them that what I can do for them will improve their customer interest has me nervous. I don’t even know why really. I am not a salesman, but I know what I want to say and I know what I can offer will be greatly beneficial to their current marketing approach.

One reason I am glad I am doing this blog, is because its meant to hold me accountable. As I pursue business video project, I will be blogging about my experiences with them, what I have learned and hopefully, the videos themselves. I may also do with the videos, simply because they are still apart of this journey. If you know any small business who may want/need video work done for them, refer them here and have them contact me. I would love to speak with them!

On to the other purpose of the website and blog – FILMS!

I am an avid lover of films, both fiction and non-fiction and am always trying to find stories to tell. Documentaries have been a big attraction to me lately, but I am finding them hard to complete. Mostly because I do them largely by myself. That said, as I try to push the massive boulder that is film, forward, I will be keeping you all updated where these projects from pre-production, production and post…all the way to the screen (hopefully).

One project in particular, a short fiction piece entitled “Grown Men On Swings” is quickly becoming my next big undertaking. Its a simple story about two men who hash out life while on…well, a swing set! My co-writer and I tweaking out the final version of the script and are hoping to start auditioning for 2 men in earlier January. The plan is to film in May 2014. I will be directing it. More news to come!

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